Thursday, July 8, 2010

Food Blogs

The first plunge into a food blog is the best - everything is new, you look at almost every recipe and post with avid interest. However, each time after the is almost disappointing. Your interest steadily decreases. So, what do you you do? - You go and find new ones! But you always check up on the old ones every once in a while just to see their new posts.

So here are some of the food blogs I like:

The Kitchy Kitchen was my first food blog love.
The creator of this blog takes some nice pictures and she does her recipes are very inventive.

However, after I actually made a few recipes I quickly started loosing interest. They sound better than they usually taste, though that could be an altitude difference (she's in LA, I'm in Idaho). She also started doing these things called Cocktail Monday and Couture Cakes, both of which she does way too of much now... it's almost her entire blog.

The next blog I found was called 101 cookbooks.
I really like the design of this website and the pictures are even better, but the layout kills me. I could never really get into it because the recipes are almost hard to find. It's not laid out like a blog is, with "previous page" buttons. I still haven't figured it out. Honestly, I'm not all that tech savvy. This blog is about the extent of my ability, and, as you can see, its not all that souped up either.

Then I found Smitten Kitchen (which my husband always calls "Smitten Kitten"...)
I still really like this blog. Not only does she update it frequently, but it is years and years old so it has hundreds of posts I haven't read yet. She is also the BEST food photographer I've found.

Not only are her pictures great, her recipes are interesting and her narration is clever. I have to admit though, I have yet to make a recipe of hers. I think I'm afraid of ruining a good thing.

I'm still exploring the Food Blog world; there are a lot out there and I'm pretty picky. But here is one final blog I recently found, my new love interest: 

I haven't had much time to explore it, but, so far, this is my verdict: The photography is decent (not great, but decent). The recipes are inventive and come in a wide variety. And the layout is what makes it a winner. It is very, very well organized, and that wins big points from me.

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