Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Animal Art

I love dogs.

My husband hates dogs. (It always surprises me when people hate dogs. I just don't understand it.) So right now, we don't have a dog... it might be a long time before we ever do. Luckily, I stumbled upon a website that works as a lovely vicarious dog.


 On location

 On set

The only problem is that I start to get really envious when looking at these pictures. It makes me want one really bad.

The photographer, Sharon Montrose, also photographs a lot other animals.

Since I married a man who is 6' 8" I plan on having tall children. These baby giraffe prints would be so cute in a kid's room (especially if they are tall too). I want them so bad!

She also photographs cats and babies, but I like dogs and the other animals best. She also has a blog with a lot of her work - http://sharonmontrose.blogspot.com/

Sharon does a lot of commercial photography with animals too. This is a set she did for Target this last spring. It's beautiful!

I just think everything she does is beautiful (that's why I posted so many pictures). It's truly amazing.

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