Friday, August 6, 2010

Bread Blog

This summer I've had a tendency to become bored very quickly. I don't have a job until September and I just finished summer semester at school. I live in a small apartment alone with my husband, who actually is busy. I just don't have much to do. This morning I was in the "bored realm," just browsing the web when I came across a new food blog. This food blog was poorly put together and pretty uninteresting all around. However, one of the recipes on this blog interested me and the blog she took it from interested me even more. I was instantly hooked.

The blog is only about bread. This may sound boring (because what's more boring than sliced bread... isn't that what they say?) But it was actually really interesting. It has a large variety of bread flavors including coconut bread, asian multigrain rice buns,and green tea and pistachio bread. It also includes a variety of genres of bread, such as doughnuts, bagels, focacia and pizza dough.

And, whereas I am a very visual person and pictures are important to me in recipes. I fell in love with the blog in large part because of the pictures.

With each recipe they show both the outside and the inside of the bread. The inside is the most important to me, because it is the most convincing part.
Chocolate Hazelnut Babka
This blog is not only beautiful and creative, it has given me something to do for the next month. Here are a few of the breads I want to bake: Spinach Feta Bread, Bread soup (or Papa al Pomodoro), Potato Bagel Stars, Bread Cones, English Muffins, and, the one that started it all, Pesto Bread.

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